What is a “Small Batch” Rifle?

Like a good master distiller that produces the finest single barrel bourbon, PSD Rifleworks takes pride in turning out limited run, high quality products. Nothing we do is mass produced. Models are released in small batches, allowing us to ensure the highest quality at the most competitive price.

Make a statement.

Our commitment to premium quality craftsmanship and reliability is reflected in each rifle that leaves production, and that in turn is reflected in our customers. A PSD Rifleworks rifle is more than a tool, it’s a statement. “I will not compromise, ever.” 


Each PSD-15 silencer is hand-built by skilled professionals in a precision machine shop
environment in upstate South Carolina.

Our Promise.

PSD is a premium rifle and suppressor manufacturer (07/02). We mass produce nothing. Every rifle that leaves our facility wears the PSD Rifleworks badge because it met our exacting standards, and nothing less.